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What is the Best Kitchen Knife Brand?

Kitchen knives are always difficult to pick out. Many people tend to think that if the knife is sharp it is a good knife.

There are many brand names to choose from. Almost every celebrity chef offers cookware and knives. So what makes a good kitchen knife?

The categories for knives are immense:

  • Paring knives
  • Carving knives
  • Utility knives
  • Boning and filet knives,

All of these plus more fall under the label of kitchen knives. So how do you select? By what you need your knife to do. If you are a traditional everyday cook, your basic carving, paring and utility knife would most likely be the most you would use. The boning and filet knives are more for the more professional and experienced cook.

Both types of cooks are likely to have their favorite brand knife. The knife will feel good in the hand and do what you need this knife to do.

According to the website cooking.com numbers 1 5 in the best chef knives are the following:

  1. 6 inch classic cooks knife by Wusthof
  2. 8 inch Grand Prix II Chef’s knife by Wusthof
  3. 8 inch classic cook knife by Wusthof
  4. 8 inch cooks knife by Global
  5. 8 inch twin four star chef’s knife by Zwilling JA Henckels

Just scanning this list, one can see that the 8 inch knife is an important tool to cooks. Wusthof seems to be the primary name.

The knife equipped kitchen

The knife equipment for your kitchen should carry the following knives; a utility, a paring knife and a slicer. These knives should be well forged knives, consumer.com

Wusthof knives can be found in any well-known department store. They are highly recognized and sold in specialty magazines and websites.

Wusthof has been manufactured since 1814 in Germany. They are precision forged knives with a few exceptions. They are in competition with some of the finest cutlery names in the world. Each item is processed by 40 different methods of manufacturing as per wikopedia.com.

Most kitchen utilities are determined on the ability to use them for your intended purpose. If a knife doesn’t feel good in your hand, then perhaps it isn’t the product for you.

Research by experience if you are the average cooker, like so many of us. Make your own decision one knife at a time, before making a decision.